A modern businessman is a strategic and long-term planner, considering the least possible damage to the environment and the most efficient use of resources. Good quality and a sufficient amount of ground water is one of the prerequisites for developing the production or services in the region. On the other hand the waste water should only be discharged after proper treatment to prevent others living downstream from suffering from bad water quality.

In order to make your company more environmentally friendly:
- check for the best practices for your sector of interest in terms of resource efficiency and pollution. There are a number of examples where, by saving resources or reducing pollution, the company also gains economic profit. The information and knowledge required is available from environmental authorities or consultants;
explore the possibility of using an eco-label trade mark. By fulfilling the requirements to get the label onto your product, environmental performance will also be improved;
set up your own local shop or cooperate on sales with other producers of local specialities. By selling products locally, the need for transport is reduced, thus less polluting emissions and less fuel consumption are guaranteed.

In case a new business activity is to be launched:
- explore environmental conditions in particular areas, e.g. available water resources and their quality, existing species and biotopes and the importance of their protection;
many municipalities have also established urban waste water treatment plants which can also serve for treatment of sewage waters from the facilities which are similar to household waters by composition;
approach the local municipality development specialists to identify the local priorities for development and offer a business solution. The idea should be in line with the existing development strategies of municipalities and local territorial/spatial plans. In other cases initiate the need for amending the existing local planning documents.