The Baltic States are becoming an increasingly popular destination for tourists from all around the world and we are proud of the wide range of possibilities for recreation in the Lielupe river basin area, where meets Latvian and Lithuanian rivers and cultures. Firstly, everybody is welcome to enjoy the beauty of the river and its valley by boating from early spring till late autumn. Of course, while swimming and fishing this is a good opportunity to explore the other features of the river.

Typically of Lielupe river basin region are rivers with the calm flow and diverse nature landscapes and cultural-historic objects along coasts. But the best of the best - here is possible to boat for everyone no matter in which stage of boating skills you are, also for total beginner.

The famous boating route in Lielupe river basin in Latvia is Mēmele River starting from the Lithuanian boarder until Bauska castle where Mēmele River meets Mūsa River and starts Lielupe River. The route is famous because the flow of river is calm and also with small rapids and average fall of the river is enough high and level of water is suitable in all seasons. Other popular rivers for boating are Iecava, Misa and Lielupe. Of course boating opportunities are enough also in Lithuanian side. We are advising boating routes already developed by tourism specialists (from 1 until 4 days). About accommodation possibilities and especially about accommodation possibilities in the nature, always recommended is to clarify it in local tourism centers or ask to your boat rentals.

 Before you step your feet on boat and enjoy really exciting pastime on the water, you should keep in mind just some useful advices:

- you have take care of proper clothing, because there is no improper weather -there is improper clothing;
- the winners will be those who will not forget about the special protection cream against sunburn and mosquito repellents;
- hermetically packaged spare clothes and the life jacket will be always useful, especially for kids;
- the most important thing – don’t forget to find out the major sights on the river banks in advance, so nothing will be looked over!

 Region offers also other ways how to enjoy beauty of the nature:

- by walking in the nature parks (for example in Bauska or in Birzai nature parks)
- by biking (for example in Bausak and Iecava), in Ķemeri national park by bird watching.

Once you have explored the beauty of the natural surroundings or when the weather is less appealing, it is also possible to attend a variety of cultural events, music events and city festivals, visit different museums, churches and castles to catch the breath of history or to find out about the local folklore, old traditions, rituals, national art, crafts, Latvian and Lithuanian languages and dialects, literature, documentary evidence, architecture and archaeological objects. Visit an organic farm to witness the nature-friendly farming methods and maybe even taste the local products – like cheese, honey or home baked bread.

 Information on local municipalities:

Jelgavas city - www.jelgava.lv/viesiem/
Dobele district - www.zemgaletourism.lv
Bauska district - www.tourism.bauska.lv/i.php?kods=1413&val=lv
Viesīte district -http://viesite.lv/?page_id=227&lang=lv
Pakruojis region - http://www.pakruojis.lt/en/content/tourism
Biržai region – http://www.birzai.lt/index.php?1717794025