Previous projects

"Strengthening NGO cooperation for better water management"

The overall objective: to contribute to improvement of the freshwater management by strengthening cooperation between Baltic and Nordic NGOs.

Duration: 01.08.2011-31.05.2012 

Project financed by: The Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia.

Project lead partner: association “Baltic Environmental Forum – Latvia”;  project partners: association “Baltic Environmental Forum - Lithuania” and association “European Water, Lake and River System development Association” (Finland).

The specific objectives:

- upgrade the NGO knowledge on new technologies and developments in water management by meeting water technology developers;

- promote exchange of information and knowledge among NGOs in Finland, Latvia and Lithuania on water management and involvement of stakeholders;

- assess the cooperation potential among NGOs and between non-governmental sector and private sector in water management;

- transfer knowledge on campaigning to NGOs in order to promote success for involvement of citizens for activities related to water management and pollution prevention;

- strengthen networking practices among NGOs and involved stakeholders by using cross-border activities to develop contacts and promote international experience exchange

Project activities:

A round table discussion between NGOs and water technology developers was held on September 30, 20111, Helsinki, Finland. The goal of the discussion aimed to increase the NGOs’ knowledge on new technologies and developments in water management and to develop approach for promoting cooperation between business and NGOs in water sector. Finland is the World well known as promoter of innovative technologies, including environmental one, therefore it was the wish of applicant to hold this event in Helsinki. The participants of the discussion were representatives from project partner organisations (BEF-Latvia, BEF-Lithuania, and EVAK), BEF-Estonia and representatives from various Finnish water technology companies (e.g. Good well and Clewer).

Workshop on cooperation for better water resources management was held on May 10, 2012, in Bauska, Latvia. Workshop was organised with the aim to share experience on styles and methods on cooperation between NGOs and different stakeholders in the field of water management, focusing particularly on stakeholder involvement in river basin management; prerequisites for successful cooperation between NGOs and business sector for better water management and environmental campaigns as awareness raising tool on water quality aspects.

A comparative overview on the cooperation structures for water management in Finland, Latvia and Lithuania. The aim of the overview is to present how non-governmental organisations (NGOs) formally can be involved in the river basin management planning process. The overview also describes duties and rights of the NGOs in river basin management planning process in the respective countries. It highlights the possibility of NGOs to take active policy development process by participating consultations or working groups. The file please find HERE.

A brief on cooperation potential between NGOs and private sector and businesses in water management.  Based on discussion in the Round Table held in Helsinki, a brief was outlined to highlight the networking as the key cooperation tool, particularly in cooperating between NGOs and water companies.  A brief is prepared in a form of flyer to be printed out and used a promotion material in different events. The file please find HERE.

A guide for the campaigning techniques and content in the water sector.  This guide has been developed as an introduction into environmental campaigning and its techniques in water sector. It includes a few theoretical models and water campaigns examples from NGO sector in Lithuania. It is primarily intended to serve environmental non-governmental organizations (NGOs), but also municipality officials working in the field of environment and community groups might find it useful and inspirational for their activities in environmental awareness rising in the field of protection of water resources. The file please find HERE.



From October 2004 till July 2005 the Baltic Environmental Forum carried out a project “Involvement of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the new water management policy in Latvia”. The project aimed at development and strengthening of NGO involvement in a new water management policy based on river basin approach. Main project activities included development of a strategy for NGO involvement, networking among NGOs and facilitation of the dialogue between NGOs and competent authorities.  Since management planning at the river basin scale and NGO involvement is a novelty, a strategic document for NGO involvement in water management policy in the Lielupe river basin district was developed. The Strategy contains basic information on river basin management planning and key mechanisms for NGOs to be involved at international, national (basin) and local scale. Furthermore, the Strategy contains priority actions fields for NGOs in the Lielupe river basin district. The key messages were published in booklets in Latvian and Lithuanian languages aiming at giving to Latvian and Lithuanian NGOs concise and targeted information on why and how they could be involved in water management policy. Promotion of dialogue between NGOs and national authorities on river basin management plans was facilitated through meeting between NGOs and river basin authority on discussion of Lielupe river basin characterisation report as well as creating a list of activities what NGOs can do to improve the water quality in the Lielupe river basin district.

The outcomes of the project have been used to develop also this web potal dedicated to Baltic rivers.

This project was supported by the EU Phare grant programme “Development and Strengthening of Civil Society” administered by Society Integration Fund of Latvia.