Green schools, eco-schools, associations of new farmers, „green” non-governmental organisations – these are the main possibilities of participating and being involved in activities helping us to understand, taking care and making better our joint environment.

As well as expeditions, joint clean-up actions, campaigns, interactive events and summer schools are ways for everyone how to join and improve knowledge of environment and environmental protection.  

 Opportunities of joining in different environmental protection activities are also in the region of Lielupe river basin:

 - Eco-schools: pretty popular movement in last years in Latvian and Lithuanian schools. In frame of this movement youth have opportunity not only to join or organise different kind of events regarding environmental protection, but also to improve understanding of general nature regularities in surrounding environment, because schools integrate environmental questions in every subject. If you have interest and you want your school to be as eco-school, you can suggest it to pupil council at your school. More information about eco-schools in Lithuania: http://mokykla.zalieji.lt/ and Latvia: www.videsfonds.lv/lv/ekoskolas.

- Different kind of actions, competitions, summer schools, green classis, joint clean-up actions – are organised by many kind of organisations. But the information and invitations are often sent to schools, that’s way at first is useful to follow information on your school info board.  Of course, you can look for information also in internet, just let’s think what you really want to do and in which topic you’re more interested: water? consumption? energy? climate change? As Lielupe river basin is placed in Latvia and Lithuania some activities might be international and probably more interesting. As an example: in the frame of the project “Joint management measures for waters in the Lielupe river basin region”2 international youth summer schools were organized about the sustainable use of water and nature resources.

- Voluntary job – everyone can be a volunteer and it may be gainfully as well. It’s possible to do something good for environment and nature, to get experience, to do something interesting or just to be together with the same minded people. At the time voluntary job is very popular in abroad. And it is nice way how to become acquainted with other countries and their culture, but is possible also be volunteer here at home and to do volunteer job without missing school or studies.

 - Project development by you yourself- it is possible for everyone as well. But if you have a project idea advisable at the beginning is to speak to youth organisations at your school or municipality, because it quite possible you will find there people with the same or similar ideas or with the experience and you will develop your project quicker and more successful. For example in Jelgava is an organisations, called “Zemgale NGO centre” which gives consultations and help from just an idea until full project establishment for free for youth and youth organisations.

 For your inspirations two real environmental projects:

Annual cleaning competition of river Svēte. Competition is organised by youth organisation “Do it creative” from Jelgava. The main goal of competition is to collect waste from river as much as possible in certain stretch of river.Please visit this link to find out more.

Spring mapping in Dobele County – where everything started as one pupils study project at school.